Introduction of "e-Gate" system for foreign residents in Taiwan

As of 3 September 2012, an automated immigration clearance system, known as "e-Gate", has been introduced by the National Immigration Agency for foreign nationals residing in Taiwan.

The system provides automated immigration checks in 11 seconds and it works by scanning the faces of passengers and cross-referencing with a file photo, and fingerprint records if necessary (if facial verification fails).

In order to make use of the system for entry/exit in Taiwan, permanent foreign residents (from 14 years) need to enroll first at a service station (located at Taoyuan, Songshan, Kaohsiung airports; Kinmen harbor) by presenting their ARC card and passport, and with fingerprints being taken. Once registered, travelers only need to swipe their ROC resident card whenever they enter or exit Taiwan.

For "e-Gate" registration there are the following opening hours of the service stations:
- Taoyuan Int'l Airport, Terminal 2: 10:00-22:00 (arrival hall) or 07:00-22:00 (departure hall)
- Taipei Int'l Airport (arrival & departure halls): 08:30-17:00
- Kaohsiung Int'l Airport (arrival & departure halls): 08:00-17:00
- National Immigration Agency in Taipei: 08:00-17:00
- Kinmen seaport (arrival & departure halls): 08:00-17:00