"2016 Taipei Italian Festival"

"2016 Taipei Italian Festival" is a feast to celebrate the excellence of Made in Italy products and life in Taiwan.

A series of promotional activities coordinated by Italian Trade Agency and organised by our partners, including restaurants, hotels, importers, hypermarkets, culinary institute, wine academy, airline operator and other industry operators who are gathered together to bring a bespoke Italian food and wine experience to those who are fond of Italy and life in Taiwan.

The thrilling events include special Italian Festival product offers and discounts, restaurant feasts, cooking and wine courses, book presentations and more. Other than great supports from our partners, we are also pleased to be part of the Gambero Rosso Annual Wine Roadshow Taipei stop to provide a better knowledge of the grand world of the made in Italy products to the local market.

Italian Trade Agency also takes the opportunity of this event to present the "Italy in Taiwan" website. The website is dedicated to providing 2016 Taipei Italian Festival event overview, information on Italian food, beverage products and design, as well as other useful information on Italian business opportunities. If you wish to receive automatically any updates on the website, a newsletter subscription is also featured on this official platform for you not to miss any news regarding Italy provided by us.We invite you to discover the wonders of the Italian gourmet and wine, their history, traditions and most importantly, enjoy the pleasures either eating in the restaurants, or purchasing the products, learning the skills and cooking at home.

We look forward to seeing you in our "2016 Taipei Italian Festival" events!


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